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Jane Iredale

Jane Iredale says the most beautiful cosmetic you can wear is a healthy skin. That's why everything she develops is a true extension of skin care - each product is subjected to rigorous sensitivity and safety tests to ensure it is as good for the skin as it is beautiful to wear.  Her range is not just a refinement of conventional make-up; it's a different technology.  


This multi-functional line of products is so effective, it is recommended by plastic surgeons, dermatologists and skin care professionals and worn by celebrities the world over. This unparalleled range of products, colours (from natural pigments) and finishes is free from parabens, fillers, synthetic dyes and artificial fragrances. Jane iredale® products are gentle, soothing and easy to apply. They contain Pharmaceutical grade vitamins and antioxidants. Many of the products in the range have natural SPF and are water resistant. 

Made with the highest quality of minerals that allow the skin to breathe and function normally, making them ideal for everyone but especially for those with problem skins. The ultra-fine particles diffuse light, creating a soft focus effect without looking heavy or caked.  Mineral cosmetics are non-irritating, feel weightless and last far longer than traditional make-up. 

From her numerous shades of make-up base for every skin tone to her lip colours, plumpers and glosses, lip and eye pencils, blushers, eye shadows, mascaras, primers, concealers and facial spritzers, Jane always includes extra natural ingredients in each product that are not found in conventional cosmetics.  Her versatile range adds care to colour - conditioning, moisturising and protecting.


Mineral make-up, that looks good, feels good, and is good for the skin 

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