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  • Assists natural exfoliation of skin
  • Hydrates, smooths and softens
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory
  • Increases Vitamin A penetration

Hydroxy Acid Sebu-Lac Lotion (60ml)

  • Environ Focus Care Clarity+, Hydroxy Acid Sebu-Lac Lotion is a non-oily lotion formulated to combat the signs of breakouts and to assist in improving the texture and tone of breakout-prone skin.


    Containing a special combination of Lactic Acid exfoliators and moisturisers, it leaves skin feeling refined, softer, smoother and more balanced.


    Suitable for:

    • Oily Skin
    • Congested Skin
    • Problem Skin


    Key Benefits:

    • Regular use improves overall skin tone & texture
    • Lactic Acid helps exfoliate and brighten uneven skin tone
    • Helps improve the appearance of dry, scaly, itchy skin
    • Contains Tea Tree Leaf Oil to help accelerate wound healing and to act as an anti-bacterial agent

Due to the nature of the active ingredients, Environ® cannot be be purchased directly online, and must always follow a consultation. Please contact us for your free expert consultation today.

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