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  • Powerful anti-oxidant protection
  • Normalise and Repair
  • Firms and Tightens
  • Peptides stimulate Collagen & Elastin

Vita-Peptide C-Quence Serum 1 (35ml)

  • The Youth EssentiA range contains a premium range of luxurious moisturisers (serums) designed for mature skin and result driven clients. The formulations contain progressively high levels of Vitamin A and are packed with powerful anti-ageing ingredients, peptides and penetrant enhancers for radiant, youthful skin.


    Environ’s Vita-Peptide C-Quence Serum 1 is the introductory moisturiser in Environ's Youth EssentiA Vitamin STEP-UP-SYSTEM. The serum contains a low concentration of vitamin A and a medium concentration of vitamin C to help support and maintain a radiantly youthful appearance. The combination of highly effective ingredients in this serum work together to help combat the visible signs of ageing to create even, smoother and healthier looking skin.  


    Suitable for:

    • First time users of Environ vitamin A creams
    • Those concerned with Anti-ageing
    • Mature skin, photo-damaged skin
    • Sun-damaged skin
    • Lines and wrinkles
    • Loss of skin tone and firmness
    • Pigmentation
    • Scarring
    • Result driven clients
    • Sensitive skins after skin has acclimatised to Vita-Antioxidant AVST Moisturiser 1 from the Skin EssentiA 
    • Pregnancy and l
    • Lactation



    • Not suitable for problematic or acne prone skin types
    • Youth Essentia Vita-Peptide C-Quence Serum 1 is now safe to use during pregnancy. Environ have reviewed their protocol for topical use of Vitamin A during pregnancy.  In consultation with Dr Des Fernandes, Environ advises that topical products containing low levels of Vitamin A are safe to use during both pregnancy and lactation.  Once applied topically Vitamin A is trapped in our skin as we do not have the enzyme system needed to transfer it to the blood stream as happens with other vitamins such as vitamin C.  However, during the first trimester of pregnancy, it is possible that the skin’s response to cosmetics may change due to fluctuating hormone levels.  Therefore, should you choose to continue with the Environ skincare regime, Environ recommends that you revert to base levels 1 and 2 of either Youth Essentia and Skin Essentia


    Key Benefits:


    Contains Vitamin A:

    • Introduces skin to lowest levels of vitamin A
    • Vitamin A helps maintain healthy skin
    • Vitamin A helps to normalise and repair the skin
    • Helps to restore the intracellular vitamin A reserves required for a number of anti-ageing processes
    • The restoration of skin cells results in a smoother texture
    • Assists in nourishing and conditioning the skin, giving the skin a healthy and radiant glow


    Contains essential Antioxidants Vitamin C, E, Green Tea extract, Lycopene, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Soybean oil and Ceramide 2:

    • Protects from free radical and UV damage
    • Assists in combating the visible signs of ageing
    • Improving the appearance of fine lines, uneven skin tone and the appearance of sun-damaged skin
    • Softens scars, wrinkles, pigmentation, etc
    • Hydrating, soothing and healing


    Contains Peptides:

    • Matrixyl stimulates collagen and elastin
    • Dermaxyl improves ceramide activity
    • Both assist in reducing the visible signs of ageing by firming skin, giving it smoother appearance

Due to the nature of the active ingredients, Environ® cannot be be purchased directly online, and must always follow a consultation. Please contact us for your free expert consultation today.

N.B. - All images and ingredients are correct at time of writing, there may be minor differences to products received.

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