• Ultra water-resistant, HDTV approved
  • Eliminates shine, lessens transference
  • For a flawless, smooth appearance
  • Available in four shades

Beyond Matte Refill

Color: Translucent
  • Ultra water resistant formula guarantees complexion perfection, even under pressure. Sensitive-skin appropriate, HDTV approved Proprietary technology eliminates shine, lessens transference, refines pores and gives skin a flawless, smooth appearance. Environmentally responsible formulation and packaging.


    HD matifying powder is available in transluscent shade as refill in post consumer resin clamshells. It can be used on any skin.


    (Note: The "EMPTY Rose Gold Compact" for the Refill can be purchased separately).


    Key ingredients: Acrylates Crosspolymer is highly oil absorbent.

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