• Palette of 4 Corrective shades
  • To Camouflage bruising
  • To Cover hyperpigmentation
  • To Conceal discolouration

Camouflage Kit

  • Four shades to correct and conceal discolouration. A professional palette created for camouflaging all the stages of bruising. Also covers hyperpigmentation.


    The colours actually follow the “life cycle” of a bruise, concealing it at every stage:


    • Yellow conceals redness
    • Peach hides blue, purple or grey
    • Lilac covers yellow
    • Beige for all purpose concealing, plus conceals hyperpigmentation


    Key ingredients:


    • Green Tea Leaf Extract - Calms. Protects. Provides bacterial protection
    • Iron Oxides - Provide pigment

Due to the nature of the active ingredients, Environ® cannot be be purchased directly online, and must always follow a consultation. Please contact us for your free expert consultation today.