Hanging Travel Bag

  • Stay organized while globetrotting with a hanging travel bag by Jane Iredale. The case folds down into a small size to protect your makeup and make it ideal for stuffing in your suitcase.


    Jane Iredale Hanging Travel Bag is an easy and efficient way to organize, store and transport your personal makeup items and toiletries. This high case unfurls to reveal 3 different-size compartments with convenient zippers, sleeves and pockets while the removable bottom pouch is ideal for larger makeup and skin care products.


    The makeup bag for home away from home...

    • Folds to a compact size, protecting your makeup and making it ideal for packing in any suitcase – you’ll want to take it everywhere you go!
    • Features a magnetic closure to keep everything secure during travel and a convenient, tuck-away hanger keeps makeup and toiletries handy at your destination.
    • Three different sized pouches ensure there is just the right place for every item:
    1. Top zippered pouch is clear, making finding your things so easy
    2. Middle zippered pouch helps keep everything organized
    3. Bottom zippered pouch is removable, wonderful for your day trip away from the hotel
    • Folded dimensions: 10.23” long, 7.28” wide, 2.36” high

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