• For a healthy digestive system
  • Plant & Digestive enzymes
  • Useful at times of stress

Digestive Pro

  • Advanced Nutrition Programme Digest Pro is an effective blend of (vegetarian) digestive enzymes with botanicals such as fenugreek, ginger and fennel to help support a normal healthy digestive system.


    Includes the key enzymes:

    • Protease (breaks down protein)
    • Amylase (breaks down carbohydrate)
    • Lipase (breaks down fats)
    • Lactase (digests lactose the primary sugar in milk and dairy products, to which some people are intolerant)


    Our digestive system is an intricate and extensive part of the body. It is responisble for removing waste and helps your body absorb essential nutrients. Its function may be hindered during times of everyday stress, convalescence, poor appetite & digestive problems. You can aid the Digestive system with Advanced Nutrition Programmes's Digestive Pro during these times.


    It is also great for the over 40's where your level of digestive enzymes start to reduce with age.


    Size: 120 Capsules

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